Deep Signal Library 1.6

Monday, October 30, 2023

🌟 Exciting Update for the Deep Signal Library! 🌟

Thrilled to unveil some powerful features in Version 1.6 that are set to amplify your trading game! 🚀 Here's the scoop on what's new:

1️⃣ Permutation Feature Importance: Dive deep into your models! Now, with Feature Importance, you can scrutinize the impact of added features on your models. Uncover the gems that truly contribute to model excellence. 🕵️‍♂️✨

2️⃣ Dataset Weights for Precision: Achieve balance effortlessly! Introducing Dataset Weights, where you can assign weights to Profit Target and Profit Target Not Reached datasets. Whether you prefer automatic balance or want to customize weights, the power is in your hands! ⚖️💰

3️⃣ Trainer Customization Bonanza: Elevate your model creation process with a plethora of customization options! Explore the new Scda, Lbfgs, Fast Forest, Fast Tree, and Lgbm Trainer Options. Fine-tune to perfection with control over L1/L2 Regularization, Leaves, Trees, Feature Fraction, Example Count, Bin Count, and Learning Rate. 🛠️🌲


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