Deep Signal Library 1.6 -Monday, October 30, 2023
Thrilled to announce the release of the Deep Signal Library 1.6. It adds powerful new features for creating financial machine learning models including Feature Importance, Dataset Weights and Trainer Customization for tuning hyper-parameters.
Training Data Viewer -Saturday, June 24, 2023
The Deep Signal Library has added a new feature to display training data that was used to create machine learning models in a NinjaTrader chart.
Deep Signal Technologies is excited to announce the release of the Deep Signal Library 1.5. The new version includes Regression and Multiclass machine learning trainers for creating new financial trading models with NinjaTrader. In addition, we've added a confidence score to the prediction methods that will return a number (0.0-1.0) that the user can use to make trading entry decisions.
The Deep Signal Library can now use multiple machine learning models in one NinjaTrader strategy. Want to create multiple models for different market conditions or use multiple models for triggers to enter a trade? The latest Deep Signal Library provides a source code example of how to integrate multiple machine learning models in your strategy.
Deep Signal Indicators -Wednesday, October 26, 2022
Deep Signal now gives you more insight into your machine learning models for trading. You can easily view long and short trade entries your trained ML model would make in your NinjaTrader Chart using Deep Signal Indicators.
Deep Signal Library 1.3 Released -Monday, September 26, 2022
The Deep Signal Library version 1.3 has been released. Several new features including the ability to choose trainers for creating machine learning models as well as a new updated progress dialog for creating models.
The Deep Signal Library has added advanced methods for controlling which data sets get added for training a machine learning model for NinjaTrader.
The Deep Signal Library has added a new feature to control which data sets are added when creating a new machine learning model
New videos have been added to help with installing and using the Deep Signal Library. Please check out our YouTube Channel for help with creating new machine learning models, using the models for live trading and installing the Deep Signal Library.
The Deep Signal Library has been accepted into the NinjaTrader Ecosystem.